Pytte X Moe

Puppies expected in the fall 2022 by Pytte (Wild Dawgs Goldie Princess Python) and Moe (Gaytonwood Mull).

Pytte: NO47184/18
K9-data: Stamtavle
DOB: 02.07.2018
HD-index: 106
ED: 0
Eyes: Clear (05.12.2019, 02.05.2022)
Complete DNA-test: Pytte
PRA-1: Clear
PRA-2: Carrier
GRMD: Clear
NCL 5: Clear
ICT-A: Affected
DM: Clear

Pytte SAR-training, here she is actually really tired after a long day.  

This will be Pyttes first litter. She is a high drive bitch, who doesn’t stop for anything. She is in training to be a search and rescue dog. 

Pytte has a light and athletic body. She is a versatile dog with great working capacity and she has good consentration in both obedience, tracking and search for humans and items.

She is motivated by both food and play and has a good on- and off button. Pytte has a great interest in tracking and searching. In addition, she is confident with people, has great decoy interest and is easy to reward for helpers in SAR-training and other dog training, which makes her well suited as a working dog. 

She is a simple dog in everyday life, adapts to all environments very quickly and has no fears.

Moe: DRC-G 1536309
DRC: German Retriever Club
K9-data: Stamtavle
DOB: 06.09.2014
ED: 0
Eyes: Clear
PRA-1: Clear
PRA-2: Clear
ICT-A: Clear

Owner: Tanja Ellerbrock (

Tanja about Moe:
Moe is my personal dream of a perfect golden. He is calm in the house and loves to cuddle on the sofa with me. He likes everybody and has no problems with people or other dogs. He is very openminded.

Outside, he lives for the work. I do regularly Dummytraining with him and every autumn we go picking up in France the whole hunting season. He is very fast and stylish and always ready to work. 
He has a very good nose, goes through every cover, has a great waterwork, is steady and quiet
Although he is a dog with a high drive he has a softness and is not hard headed, he works with me together and is a team player.

He is playful with me and other dogs and always has a smile on his face. 

His offspring is working as Service dogs for mental and physical disabled people, Obedience, Hunting dogs, Agility and Dummydogsand also in Swiss als Rescue dogs for avalanche search and rescue (locating people buried under the snow after an avalanche).

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For working homes only!